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Member of Madras Club, kindly log into the website using your login details and then fill in the below Room Booking enquiry form for rooms at the Madras Club 'Chambers'. If you do not have your website Login access kindly contact the Madras Club Office to get your website access or you can make your rooms booking enquiry directly at the club office.

Affiliated members from reciprocal clubs, kindly choose the Affiliated Club Name that you belong to and enter the requested membership information and Guest information.

Submitting the booking enquiry form for rooms at the Madras Club Chambers does not guaranty you the booking but only submits your enquiry to the Madras Club Office. Once you submit the information requested for in the below form our Rooms Manager will contact you through phone or email ID to confirm the booking. Kindly fill in the below form with all the information requested as accurately as possible so that we can contact you and confirm your booking at the earliest.


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8, Adyar Club Gate Road,

R A Puram,

Chennai 600 028

Phone: +91-44-2432 0727, +91-44-6132 0727, +91-44-2435 0245


General Manager:

Mr. Rajapandiyan M J


For Room Reservation Requests:

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send a mail to


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